Maine Winter Grilling and Uncle Leo’s Rack of Ribs Rub

During the winter I miss grilling.  I guess what I really mean is that I miss the easy preparation and letting my husband grill…  Last weekend we decided it was time try the special spice rub my Uncle Leo gave us for Christmas.

Uncle Leo's Rack of Ribs Rub; quilted napkin holder made by Knock on Wood.*

While I prepared the food and played with the camera, hubs did a little shoveling to make room for the grill.

Mittens and hot tea are not usually the attire and beverage people associate with grilling, but they are perfect for grilling at twenty degrees on a Sunday afternoon!

Instead of ribs, we opted for slices of pork loin, and a applied the rub as directed.

In addition to the pork loin, we grilled some potatoes (pierced and precooked in the microwave on high for five minutes) and cauliflower which I wrapped in foil packets and seasoned with Herbal Pepper from Common Folk Farm.

Veggies cooked in foil packets make for terrific, easy sides when grilling.  My favorite grilled meal is one that is prepared entirely on the grill for three reasons: energy savings, smokey flavor, and easy cleanup!

While winter grilling is fun in its own way, I’m definitely itching for warmer weather.  In the meantime, we can always eat indoors…

*Knock on Wood products can be purchased at various craft fairs in Maine.  Visit the United Maine Craftsmen‘s website for more details.

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  1. Les says:

    I wish all families did something handmade like this for Christmas. At a certain point, it seems we just give and get gifts that aren’t necessary, useful, or personalized. Your family really seems to be into giving these great foodie gifts!

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