Kellie’s Belly is a food blog I started during the summer of 2009 for the purpose of learning how to manage a blog in preparation for bringing blogging to my middle school science and math students.  When I was trying to decide what to blog about, my husband said, “You love to cook; blog about that.”  And with his help as my very own live-in tech guy, so began Kellie’s Belly, a “practice blog” of sorts…

It wasn’t until I started blogging about food and cooking that I came to realize just how many food blogs are out there.  At first I felt silly publishing material that may or may not be read by anyone, but at the same time I saw it as an opportunity to have a catalog of recipes I love available at my fingertips, and easily available for sharing when someone asks for a recipe.

Most of the blog posts you will find on Kellie’s Belly are based on creations from my own kitchen, and occasionally the kitchens of family and friends.  Every now and then I get up the nerve to take my camera out in a restaurant or shop, hence the Foodie Fieldtrips section of this blog.

While I have achieved the goal of learning how to manage a blog, and have since started blogging with my students, I intend to continue Kellie’s Belly.  Blogging has challenged me to improve my writing and photography skills, and it’s been a great inspiration for trying new recipes.