An Amazing Pretzel

Last week we visited the Lewiston Winter Farmers’ Market at St. Mary’s Nutrition Center.  We were impressed with the wide variety of products including produce, seafood, sausage, fair trade organic coffee, farm fresh eggs, herbal products, soaps, baked goods and preserves, and several crafts tables.  My favorite product was the delicious, humongous pretzel I purchased from the Pretzel Logic table.

The “plan” for this pretzel was to cut it in half, and for my husband and I each to take half of it to work on Friday to have with leftover homemade chili for lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed my half at lunch, and upon returning home I found that he had forgotten his lunch in the refrigerator at home, so my after school snack was “his” half of the pretzel… Does this make me a bad wife?  I hope not!  This pretzel was truly irresistible: chewy, slightly crispy on the outside (after warming in my toaster oven), and seasoned with garlic and herbs.  It was an inspirational pretzel; either I need to buy another soon, or try to make my own pretzels at home.  Either way, we’ll be back at the market next month!

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  1. Jason says:

    You are a wonderful wife… but I will have my revenge. Don’t be surprised to find me eating something delicious all by myself, within obvious view (and with pictures uploaded to the interwebs).

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