A couple of years ago, while visiting Chicago, we stumbled upon Molly’s Cupcakes where we sat on the swings at the coffee counter and shared a couple of the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen or tasted.  On that day I developed a brand new appreciation for cupcakes, not as kiddie birthday party fare, but as a specialty grownup dessert for the kid at heart.

Last weekend, while visiting Plymouth, Massachusetts, we stopped at Cupcake Charlie’s which reawakened my cupcake obsession.  While they did not have swings upon which to sit while devouring the cupcakey goodness we had acquired, they did have a wide variety of tempting cupcake flavors.  I must say that the chocolate peanut butter (lower left) I selected was everything a cupcake should be, and then some!

Now I am on a mission to find an amazing cupcake near my home, and/or a recipe for cupcakes that compares.  So far I have received one recommendation for a bakery somewhat near my home, Y-Lime’s Gourmet.  I look forward to trying their cupcakes next time I’m in Portland!

In the meantime, I have heard that The Bread Shack in Auburn, Maine now offers cupcakes.  I’m fairly certain that I will be trying one soon.  Based on the quality of their mini tarts, I’d like to think that their cupcakes would also be amazing.

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