Tired Feet in Montreal

The picture below is one of the few indoor pictures we took while visiting Montreal.  In fact, it might be the ONLY indoor picture taken with my camera due to extreme camera shyness brought on by the event described below…

I’ll start off by explaining a stop we made on our way to Montreal.  I promise it is connected, and not a complete tangent.  My husband wanted to visit Unibroue, maker of La Fin du Monde, Maudite, and many other interesting craft beers.  We had planned our travels so as to stop for a tour of the brewery which is located in Chambly, Quebec.

When we arrived, we entered a fairly welcoming looking door that listed business hours. When we stepped inside, we found ourselves in a very small lobby area.  Ahead of us was a locked door (the type with a punch code lock), and to the left we found a very secure looking office area with a large, thick glass window through which a security guard sternly asked us if she could help us.  When we asked if they offered tours, she told us that they hadn’t offered tours for over two years and she kindly recommended that we have dinner at the Unibroue restaurant, Le Fourquet Fourchette.  We thanked her, and climbed back into the car to find our way into the city.

So the next day, after a long morning of walking around Montreal taking in the sights, visiting a museum and strolling through the Vieux Port, we decided to walk to the Palais des Congrès for a late lunch at Fourquet Fourchette.  I will admit, I was already feeling a bit camera shy, and didn’t end up taking any pictures of our lunch. Fortunately my dining partner could not resist taking a picture of our brew samples, as seen at left.  I will admit that they were interesting and much better on tap than the occasional sip I have tried from the bottled versions.  So we enjoyed our Éphémère Cassis and Blanche de Chamblay while deciding what to have for lunch, and admiring the colorful light shining through the windows of Palais des Congrès.

Eventually our lunch arrived, and while the food was good, I do not recall the names of the items I ordered.  Cheesecake and coffee for dessert made for a nice finish, and over coffee we discussed how beautiful the sunlight was as it shone through the colorful glass windows in the open area of Palais des Congrès outside of the restaurant.  After settling up, we decided that we would take a picture of our tired feet with the colorful windows and light in the background.  I didn’t want to sit in the middle of the floor to do this, since I didn’t really want to be noticed, so we sort of snuck around a corner to get just the right angle for the picture and be partially out of sight to passersby.

JUST as I had taken ONE picture, a security guard was standing over us speaking in French very quickly and with a tone that made we think he was going to take away my camera!  Our “deer in the headlights” looks, must have made him assume we were mere anglophones, and he proceeded to tell us (in English) that security did not know what we were doing, and that the other security guards sent him to make sure we were okay.  So I quickly explained that I was taking a picture of our feet in the colorful light, we apologized for any confusion we had caused, and quickly made our way out of the building.

Our next destination was a walk through McGill University, and then to the top of Mount Royal where we took in an excellent view of the city before trekking forward to Fairmount Bagel for an afternoon snack.  More details to follow…

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  1. les says:

    As the head of my department says, take the photo and ask later! Good work 🙂 the best photos are beyond the no trespassing signs, and your top photo is my face of your trip!!!

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