Muffuletta at Central Grocery

For a cheap and easy lunch, we hopped in line for a Muffuletta at Central Grocery.  While in line we were able to browse the wide array of products available for purchase in the store.

The items available for purchase ranged from condiments, general cooking ingredients, snack foods, the famous olive salad used to dress the muffuletta sandwiches, and some other visually interesting specimens.

I imagine anyone who would spend between $80 and $90 for a dried fish has a plan for its use.  I’m not sure what types of dishes these are used in…

As we approached the counter, we could see that a full muffuletta would be too much food for two people, so we ordered half of one to share.  All in all, it was a flavorful sandwich, and if I lived near Central Grocery, I am certain that I would buy one of these every couple of weeks for an easy lunch or dinner!


Muffuletta : New Orleans :: Sam’s Italian Sandwich : Central Maine


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