New Orleans Snack Stop #2: Cafe Du Monde

About an hour after our visit to Southern Candymakers, we strolled through the French Market, and then through Dutch Alley.

Shortly after seeing this sign, we turned right, where along the sidewalk we found that there was a strange white powdery substance sprinkled everywhere.  Immediately my brain jumped to beignets, and as it turns out we were only about a block from Cafe Du Monde.

For around two dollars we bought a bag of three beignets, which were so freshly made that they were too hot to eat immediately.  They reminded me of the fried dough we occasionally buy at various fairs in Maine, only smaller.  They were delicious though, and if the line wasn’t snaking down the street 24 hours a day, we might have gone back for another order on another day…

Like the many others who munched on beignets in the street before us, we left our own trail of powdery goodness.

And with bellies full of beignets, we wandered onward to explore more of the city.



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