Montana Monster Cookies

It’s been about a year an a half since I started this blog, and I’ve officially been tracking my traffic for one year using Google Analytics.  In the time I have been tracking, I’ve had visitors from 862 different cities across sixty-four countries.  Within the United States, I’ve had visitors from every state except for Montana…  So that made me curious to learn a bit about the popular foods and recipes of Montana.  Since I don’t know anyone from Montana, I had to rely on the web, which isn’t always the best option, but it’s something.

Most of the websites I found highlighted farm-raised meats and game meats including elk, bison, and deer.  I also found a variety of recipes for huckleberries and choke cherries, as well as a variety of hearty stew recipes.  Assuming that people in Montana eat these items all the time is probably like assuming Mainers live off of lobsters and blueberries, so I dug a little further and found a cookie recipe since I was sort of in a cookie mood anyway.

I don’t know how authentic this recipe is to Montana.  Could it be to Montana what the Whoopie Pie is to Maine?  I have no idea, but these “Montana Monster Cookies” are some of the best oatmeal peanut butter cookies I’ve tried.  This recipe is a keeper, and can be found at  I made a half recipe using one egg, and omitted the raisins.   The cookies are about an inch thick, and over three inches in diameter–Cookie Monster approved!

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2 Responses to Montana Monster Cookies

  1. david says:

    w00t! Am I your first official visitor from Montana?

  2. Kellie says:

    I have had a few visitors since then, but you are the first to comment from Montana (that I know of)!

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