Maine Shrimp

After several failed attempts, I’ve finally gotten my hands on some Maine shrimp.  At $1.25/lb, they are very affordable, though you have to be willing to tear their little heads off and peel the remaining shells from their delicate bodies.  After the gruesome dissection, you will find about two pounds of sweet, tender, delicious Maine shrimp.

These shrimp are so different from the larger varieties that are easily found year round at the grocery store.  They also have an interesting pink color while still raw, while most shrimp only turns pink after cooking.

According to this article in the New York Times the shrimp season is going to last longer than usual this year.  When I read this article several weeks ago, I thought I’d have no trouble getting my shrimp fix…

So after finally acquiring these shrimp, we decided to make a scampi with one pound.  The other pound will be enjoyed with cocktail sauce sometime in the next couple of days.

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