Quinoa Salad with Fresh Cherries

I have been meaning to make this salad for a while, and finally got around to it as part of my attempt to try making a different salad each week.  The reason for this recent salad binge is mainly a way to always have something easy to pack for lunch or have as a side dish or snack when we are too busy to prepare a side dish or a healthful snack.  (The ultimate goal: To have snacks on hand on hot summer days, that are as easy to scoop as the ice cream…)

I found this recipe in the May/June edition of Eating Well magazine.  It was easy to make, and had a nice combination of flavors.  Somehow I forgot to add the pecans, which would have added a nice crunch to the salad, something I felt it was missing.  Next time I plan to use Pineland Farms smoked cheddar in this salad.

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