Products from Quebec

Our trip to Quebec was on par with other vacations–the camera stayed in our hotel room…  Fortunately we were traveling with friends, who are much better at remembering to carry their camera!  What I can write about is the wonderful, though small, collection of products that we brought home with us.

From left to right:

1)  Ice Cider from Isle D’Orleans Domaine Steinbach ~ The official name of this product is Fantaisy, and it is a blend of ice cider and black currant liquour.  We selected this as a gift for my parents after a tasting at Domaine Steinbach.

2) Moutarde a l’orange from Domaine Steinbach ~ This is a very tangy, flavorful mustard.  It is delicious on a sandwich, or as a pretzel dip.  We selected this as a gift for my husband’s parents because we recalled their enjoyment of this mustard when we visited Isle D’Orleans with them a few years ago.

3) Feuille D’Erable (Maple Leaf Cookies) ~ These are a favorite of mine, and there are several brands available in Quebec.  Every once in a while we find them in Maine.  These were an impulse buy on the day we left Quebec City, while stocking up on snacks for the five hour car ride home.

4) The tiny jar labeled Biodelices is a maple spread.  It’s made from pure maple syrup, and I couldn’t resist buying it after sampling it at J.A. Moisan Epicier at 699 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec.

5) Le Petit Bonheur, a cider and maple syrup based apertif, which is sort of like an ice cider with a hint of maple flavor.  This was our selection to bring home for ourselves, after sampling it at Ciderie/Verger Bilodeau on Chemin Royal in St. Pierre, Isle D’Orleans.

For more details about our trip to Quebec City, and some amazing photography, visit our friends’ blog, Blame it on the Food.

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  1. karismatique says:

    Love it , thanks … i am from quebec city, and came across your blog! You truly must love food, just like me.

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