Dessert at DaVinci’s

Every time I have had dinner at DaVinci’s I leave so full that dessert just isn’t an option.  Last time we went, the whole point of our visit was to finally try their desserts with coffee for an afternoon date while our son enjoyed some “Memere & Pepere time” with my parents.


I cannot remember the names of the desserts we ordered, since our visit was in October, and we are now nearing the end of January.  I do recall that both were delicious though!  My dessert had layers of dark and white chocolate, and was topped with ganache and some decorative white and dark chocolate.  It was absolutely decadent.


My husband’s dessert had salted caramel swirled throughout the cake, and was equally delicious.  Yes, I stole a few bites…

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  1. Mom says:

    Yummy, I want some of that!!!

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