Mom’s Veggie Art


When asked to bring “veggies & dip” to our Halloween gathering, this is the masterpiece my mother felt compelled to create.  What a sight!  The leftover cukes, tomatoes, and parsley have been chopped and made into a tabouleh salad.  The cabbage (used inside the pumpkin to stick the skewers into) has been chopped, cooked and combined with leftover mashed potatoes to make colcannon.  The pumpkin has been roased, peeled, pureed, and frozen for a future creation…  Perhaps pumpkin ice cream & pumpkin soup?

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  1. MOM says:


    Great pic. And glad you made great use of all of the veggies after the evening. Had a great time. Halloween is so much fun seeing all those little ones. Thanks for the fun evening. Also thanks for your musical guest, that was a nice surprise.

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